Native Irish plants and Contract Growing

Native Irish plants and Contract Growing

We have individual plants for sale. Small 8cm or 9cm individual pots, and also 3ltr pots.
Planting mature plants into prepared ground can help successful establisment in difficult areas.

If you have a specific requirement we undertake contract growing for you. We can grow the plants to plug size for you with either:
a) a seed collection from your property or
b) our own stock seed.
Email with queries.

We can also grow vegetables, non-native flowers or herbs for you.

We use organic compost as the base for plants and add pearlite or sand etc., depending on the preferred substrate of the species.

Prices start from:-

£3.50 for 8cm pots.
£1.80 per plug for trays of either
77 plugs = £138.00
84 plugs = £151.00
Prices do not incur VAT.
Get a quote for specific species email
Please bear in mind because trickier species take more effort, have lower germination rates, etc., that will most likely be reflected in your price.
We aim to be fair so we can have the conversation.

Depending on the time of year that you order there may be barely a wait time, or a considerable wait time. Placing an order from September on will result in a delay as we will need to wait for spring sowing for best results.

Once ready plants are available for collection from Kilclief.
You pay half upfront at time of ordering and the other half on collection.
Facility to pay by card or cash when you arrive. Arrangement to collect must be made in advance by either email to or ring the office 028 4488 1736.

If you want to grow native Irish plants for yourself, but don’t know how, we can deliver a training course for your group. These are generally in the warmer months and can take place at Kilclief.