Autumn Onion: Senshyu Onion sets.


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Autumn onion sets. Round shaped white onion and full of flavour. Ready for sowing, these will be ready from early July.

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Autumn Onion: Senshyu Onion sets. Allium cepa.

Senshyu Onion sets. A hardy winter variety, suitable for planting in autumn. These sets have been cultivated in The Netherlands.
These bulblets produce round shaped, tasty white onions.
We grew these here in Kilclief last year and we’re still eating the onions. They’re storing well so far. The fresh taste and crunchy texture are very welcome additions to our diet.

How to grow:
Work your soil into a nice tilth, add organic material or compost to help improve the soil and the drainage. Plant anytime from September to mid-November. Position the bulblets 10cms apart in rows 20-30cms apart. Plant root end down and up to their necks. They need to be in a position to receive full sunlight over the winter months. Onions will be ready June onwards.
Harvest 2 weeks after you see the stems bending over at the onion neck. Dry your onions out in a well ventilated dry area for 3-4 weeks. You can then store them for up to 8 months.

Problem solving:
Birds love to pull the young bulbs out – looking for grubs underneath, so protect until established if this appears to be a problem. Plant in full sun. Keep watered in a drought. In winter plant into a fairly well drained area.
Rotate onion planting location in the veg plot to help keep disease away.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Onions are so popular in Ireland these need no introduction. We love these, they’re such a great all rounder, perfect for cooking in every dish. If you like the taste milder just soak in tepid water for a short time and this doesn’t affect the great crunchy texture. Great for French onion soup or for caramalising as onion jam.

Cultural history:
It’s said if you cut an onion in half, it will soak up any germs in the room, especially good in the house of a sick person to keep the air clean, onions are known for their antiseptic properties.

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