Eupatorium cannabinum. Hemp-agrimony. Cnáib Uisce.


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Hardy perennial. Dusky pink flower clusters in August/September. Found in damp places.

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Common name: Hemp agrimony. Cnáib Uisce.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J533463.
Perennial night scented. Hardy, late flowering in August to October. Height to 150cms when mature.

Generally this is a great plant for bumblebees and butterflies alike, especially at the end of the summer. Clusters of pink flowers arranged into several heads, not unlike yarrow in form. It’s night scented so it’s also good for moths.

Found in most habitats around Ireland. Just as happy in damp or dry, shade or light and can cope with rough ground.

Sowing guidelines:
Sow early autumn shallowly into seed trays. Germination can take 6 – 10 weeks and you may have to break germination by placing tray outside for 2 weeks or so. Once up prick out gently into modules. In spring plant them into place and you should get flowers this year August on.

Cultural history:
A traditional European medicine plant as an anti-inflammatory agent for respiratory tract diseases.

Avg contents: 100 seeds.

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