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Watering from below helps your seeds and plants at the very start of their lives when they’re most vulnerable.

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Gravel tray.
External dimensions: Length 52cms X width 41cms X height 9cms.
Fits: 2 normal size seed trays or 4 small module trays.
Durable, will last for years with normal care. Wash in warm soapy water between uses.
Weight 640g.

One of the easiest way to kill your seeds or young seedlings is to allow the seed tray surface to dry out.
At Kilclief we use a gravel tray to allow us to water from below meaning you can water from below so:
1. the seeds don’t get swished about the surface of your compost and
2. we greatly reduce damping off disease and
3. the roots grow downwards to get the water from below (and don’t turn up)
4. watering is simpler overall and this saves your time!

When sowing wild flower seeds it is a good idea to keep the tray and compost after you’ve pricked out the first flush of seedlings. Wild flowers have a built in survival mechanism whereby they germinate at different times, generally in two distinct flushes. This means that in the wild in any given year, if the first flush die say because of drought or flood or heavy snowfall etc., a second batch of seeds stay safe and may survive when they emerge later. When you’re keeping the tray, make sure it’s in your sight and you can keep the compost moist. Compost drying out is fatal for seeds and seedlings. Water from below.

Germinating is the most dangerous decision any plant has to make. Once a seed decides to start, that’s it, there’s no going back. If conditions suddenly become adverse the seed/seedling can do nothing about it. As a tiny plant it has little defence. It doesn’t matter what plant it is, wild flower, vegetable, tree… The plants don’t know what we call them, or use them for after all :).
So, keep seed trays moist, preferably from underneath. You can cover seed trays by cutting up corrugated white plastic sheets – the kind election campaigners tie to lamp-posts, make them big enough to sit on the seed tray edges to leave a space for the seedlings underneath. Using a white cover keeps the moisture in, keeps direct sun rays off your babies and provides a micro habitat while they get started safely. Once they get a big bigger and before they hit the cover with their leaves, remove the cover mid-morning. For the first few nights after you do this you might want to cover lightly with horticultural fleece, especially if it’s still early in the year and frost might be a problem.

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Weight 0.640 g
Dimensions 52 × 41 × 9 cm


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