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Discover the inner workings of our native wildflower conservation charity on an informative group tour. Come up, have a cuppa and a chat, then walk with us around our wildflower conservation charity.

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Discover the inner workings of our native wildflower conservation charity on an informative group tour. See what we’re doing, learn about how we look after our plants, and grow an organic wildflower crop. Gain insights on how we collect and conserve seeds in our seed bank. As our work is seasonal, there will be variations in what can be seen on site. However, regardless of what is growing, you will get a great idea of how we do our work. We are fortunate to be situated in a tranquil part of County Down, offering beautiful views to the sea. This serene setting provides an ideal environment for relaxation and reconnection with nature. Join us in our cause as we endeavour to safeguard native wildflowers, preserve biodiversity, and create a sanctuary where we can appreciate the beauty and importance of our natural heritage.

Who are we?

We are a native wildflower conservation charity, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Kilclief in County Down. Our mission is to preserve and protect the invaluable biodiversity of native wildflowers. At our organisation, we take great pride in producing seed from thriving crops of native-origin wildflowers. Our crops began as high quality collections of seed collected from the wild, with land owner’s permissions, which we processed and stored in our short term seed bank. We then nurture the seed from its stored state, sowing it, potting it up, and eventually planting it out in the field.

To support our conservation efforts, we have two polytunnels on our premises. One serves as a dedicated space for seed propagation, while the other facilitates the growth of seedlings and the subsequent drying of seed harvests. Our site also houses a seed lab, where we keep our seed bank, as well as an office serving as the headquarters of True Harvest Seeds. Adjacent to our office, we have designed raised beds that serve as home to some endangered, Schedule 8, coastal native wildflowers. Here, we work diligently to protect and foster their growth, further advancing our conservation initiatives.

Recognizing the vital role of pollinators in maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystem, we maintain an apiary on our premises. The bees play a crucial role in both nourishing themselves from our wildflower crop and pollinating the plants in the process. This symbiotic relationship contributes to the preservation of our native wildflowers.
Our wild flower field supports a huge population and variety of native bumblebees, along with butterflies, moths, hoverflies and beetles.

The Tour

On the tour we will accompany your group, offering valuable insights and with plenty of opportunities for questions. Whether you’re a group of nature enthusiasts, a teacher and students looking to learn about our native plant life, a group wanting to connect with nature or your want to see how to set up and run a small sized seed conservation processing unit, our tour is for you! From seeing the abundance of native wildflower species, to seed processing and banking, wildflower cultivation, and organic farming, there is a lot to take away. Explore our site and appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into preserving the tiny marvels of nature – seeds!

Tours start around 10am and go on to 3.30pm. Bring your own lunch and enjoy eating outside at our picnic tables. Tea, coffee and cake provided. If it’s raining we eat in the polytunnel!

Additional Information

  • Maximum 15 people per tour
  • Listed price is for a full group
  • Email to arrange a suitable date and time before booking your tour
  • We would recommend Spring, Summer and Autumn tours to get the best insight into our work

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