Leucanthemum vulgare – Ox-eye daisy. Nóinín Mór.­


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Ox-eye daisys are hardy perennials, their attractive flowers and shiney green foliage make cottage garden, hedgerow and meadow alike look great.

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Common name: Ox-eye daisy. Nóinín Mór.

This population originates from Co Antrim. Irish Grid reference: H987908.
Rhizomatous clump forming hardy peremmial. Attractive large daisy flowers with white petals and a bright yellow centre about 80cms tall. Flowering in July.

Great for pollinators, especially small bees and hoverflies.

Open ground, does well with grass, likes rich soil. Great in a meadow situation the oxeye daisy will self seed. Beautiful as a cottage garden mid bed splash of brightness and they look particularly amazing in a cluster all together.

Sowing guidelines:
Sow March/April in trays.  Prick out when large enough to handle. Plant out when large enough to cope with the environment you’re putting it into, usually around May. Be careful of drought, water in well and keep watered if it’s dry until the roots get a chance to down and out into the soil.
You can also sow in July/Aug, prick out into modules by Sept/Oct for overwintering. Plant out in April. This requires more work and you tend to get less of a germination rate.
If you buy a larger amount of seed you can sow direct in early spring into a well prepared, weed free seed bed. Sowing direct means your seed has to cope with the elements/mice/slugs etc. so you won’t get the number of plants you would with the care you can give them in a protected environment in a seed tray. But of course it’s less work and daisies are robust plants.

Cultural history:
Many medicinal uses.

At least contents: 170 seeds.

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