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100% of your donation is used to further our work towards saving the wild flora of Ireland. There are many running costs that do not attract grant funding and we meet them through fundraising events and donations. Your donation will free up our time so we can make more collections for the Seed Bank.

Unfortunately, our seed bank is no longer sufficient for the size of our growing collection and we need your help, to replace the fridge freezers and shipping containers we currently use. With a purpose built property, we can house and study the native seed collection, opening it up to the public and enabling scientists around the world to collaborate with us on climate change solutions and wildflower diversity.

To achieve this, we need your help to raise £200,000 in 2023. Every donation really does move us closer to a permanent building.  If you would like to run a fundraiser to help, please let us know at and we’ll do our best to support your event. Does your employer operate a matched funding scheme? Ask them about it today and you could raise twice as much!

If you represent a corporate body and would like to consider sponsoring True Harvest Seeds or discussing potential partnership opportunities, please get in touch with our Marketing Director, Michael Thompson at

The Seed Bank belongs to the people of this island in perpetuity, so your donation is going directly towards funding a future of wild flowers for the next generation to enjoy.
Thank you so much.


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