Organic Brussel sprouts: Idemar


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A new F1 variety bred for it’s flavour. Reliable in production, it can’t be used for saving your own seed.

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Organic Brussel sprouts: Idemar. Brassica oleracea.

This is a new medium-tall variety which gives evenly distributed slightly oval sprouts. Harvest November/December ready for Christmas. Not to be used for seed production. Is reliable for your Christmas dinner.

How to grow:
You can direct sow into drills from March/April and thin out, or start in a nursery bed or modules and transplant into final position when the height of your hand, about 90 – 100cms apart into rows 75cms apart. Harvest from late summer onwards taking the bottom sprouts first and take off any already blown.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs and pigeons off them especially when small. The cabbage butterflies will love them come August, so covering with enviromesh, or something like it will save you picking off many little caterpillars.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Lovely steamed for Christmas dinner, but finely sliced into a stir fry and they take on an amazing delicious nutty flavour. They’re great too, as you can harvest them successionally.

Cultural history:
As with all the brassicas they begin sometime in the Roman empire, becoming popular in Brussels, Belgium in the 16th century.

Avg contents:  50 seeds.

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