Organic Chilli Pepper: Jalapeno ‘Ruben’ RS.


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Thick skinned and juicy but no less fiery! These popular Jalapeno peppers are sure to pack a tasty punch to any dish or homemade salsa! Growing to around 7cm long.

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Organic Chilli Pepper: Jalapeno ‘Ruben’ RS. Capsicum annuum.

Organic Chilli Pepper: Jalapeno ‘Ruben’ RS is a juicy, thick skinned fruit ripens from green to red, growing to around 7cm long. The most popular of the chilli peppers, Jalapenos have a hot and spicy heat that is pungent but pleasant. Can be harvested green for a sharp taste.

How to grow:

Sow seeds in modules early February to end of April, on heat 18-21C, preferably in a propagator with a lid. Once the first true leaves appear you can pot up into 8cm pots, keep on open heat if you have it. Then plant out into the greenhouse/polytunnel once it’s warmed up. They like a soil temperature of 21 to 29C. Water and liquid feed as necessary from below. This variety will grow well in a pot on your windowcil or conservatory. Harvest from July to end of October. Give around 45cms between plants in full sun.

Problem solving:

Aphids can be controlled inside by bringing in ladybirds when you notice a few. Red spider mites like it dry so keep the moisture levels up.

Favourite ways to eat them:

Mostly added for spicy heat and flavour. Found in many dishes such as salsa, pico de gallo and grilled jalapenos. The hotness depends on the variety and ripeness, getting hotter as they ripen. This variety is often harvested green when it is relatively mild and will turn a little sweeter after picking.

Cultural History:

Originally from South America and Mexico with the name jalapeño being Spanish for “from Jalapa”, the capital city of Veracruz, Mexico, where the pepper was traditionally cultivated.


We are growing this out ourselves for the first time this year so the photo shown is a stock picture. True photographs from our crop will follow at a later date!

Avg. contents: 10 seeds.


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