Organic Endive: Batavian Broad Leaved


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Popular broad leaf variety, with a tightly packed head, mild and light flavour great for salads and casseroles.

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Organic Endive: Batavian Broad Leaved. Cichorium endivia.

A broadleaf Escarole type, the most popular endive today. This variety is perfect for our cooler season growing. A well filled heart with mild tasting crispy leaves.

How to grow:
Protected growing: Sow in Feb/April. Transplant in April and May. Harvest 10 – 12 weeks later June, July and August.
Outdoor growing: Sow May and June. Transplant out in June and July for harvesting up to end of October.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs off when young. Plant out with good spacing to allow air flow around each plant.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Steam and garnish with oil and salt or fry lightly with olive oil and garlic and serve as a side. Eat in salads. A great addition to stews and casseroles.

Cultural history:
A type of chicory, native to Europe.

Avg contents: 1g (~600 seeds).

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