Organic Herb Basil: Genovese.


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Aromatic Mediterranean annual herb which is perfect with tomatoes and grows happily on your windowcil.

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Organic Herb Basil: Genovese. Ocimum basilicum.

The most popular and widely grown variety of Basil. This far north you’ll need to concentrate on growing this tender plant. It grows well in the mediterranean so give it those conditions and it will do well. Grows to about 35 cms, lush green leaves.

How to grow:
Sow seeds in pots on heat April to July. Grow on in a greenhouse, polytunnel or warm windowcill in full sun.

Problem solving:
Water from below and this helps with downy mildew. Make the water tepid rather than tap cold.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Slice warm ripe large tomatoes and mozerella cheese. Place alternately around a dish, drizzle with your favourite oil and sprinkle with roughly torn up basil leaves.

Cultural history:
Basil originates from tropical regions, central Africa to southeast Asia.

Avg contents:  600 seeds.

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