Organic Herb Sage


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Hardy perennial shrub with mid green leaves and aromatic flavour.

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Organic Herb Sage. Salvia officinalis.

Perennial shrub with tasty aromatic leaves and blue flowers that are very attractive to bees. Grows to about 60cms.

How to grow:
Sow seeds from March to June in good compost. Grow on until about 8cms tall and transplant into a weed free site. Continual use (pruning) will keep new shoots young and fresh.

Problem solving:
Keep an eye out for caterpillars, thrip and mildew. Allow young plant to mature until its second year before harvesting.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Sage oil is used in aromatherapy – but must never be used in pregnancy. It’s the main flavour of sage and onion stuffing, without it stuffing’s just not the same.

Cultural history:
Used since ancient times for warding off evil and clearing of haunted places it is one of the oldest used plants. Antiseptic and antifungal, an infusion is good for a mounthwash or gargle.

Avg contents:  100 seeds.

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