Organic Lettuce: Butterhead Marvel Of Four Seasons.


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Crispy red and green heirloom variety from the 1800’s. Fast maturing, all season, great taste.

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Organic Lettuce: Butterhead Marvel Of Four Seasons. Lactuca sativa.

Round compact heads have a really geat taste. An heirloom variety from the 1800’s, it is fast matruing and suitable for growing most of the year. Lettuce hybridises readily with other members of the Lactuca genus and this has aided plant breeders to devlelop many kinds. Rich in Vitamins A and K and a source of foliate and iron.

How to grow:
Sow seeds into modules all year round. Plant out into well prepared beds after frosts have passed or under cover from March onwards. Sowings in autumn can be cropped over winter. Keep well watered to prevent bolting. Lettuce does not like extreme heat nor frost.

Problem solving:
Aphids overwinter on Ribes spp. (Blackcurrants etc.), so keeping them clean and growing your lettuce at a distance can help reduce your aphid problem on other lettuce varieties. Water from below to help with mildew, especially in colder months.

Favourite ways to eat them:
It’s good practice to wash your leaves well when eating raw. Perfect mixed with other leaves for a fresh healthy salad.

Cultural history:
Though the native range of lettuce extends from the Mediterranean to Siberia it is now grown worldwide.

Avg contents:  200 seeds.

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