Organic Malva sylvestris. Common Mallow. Lus na meall Muire.


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A large and tall shrub plant, great as a backdrop in a bed or against a wall with large soft leaves and striking mauvey purpley flowers that feed pollinators too.

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Organic Malva Sylvestris. Common Mallow. Lus na meall Muire.

Organic Malva sylvestris, Common Mallow is a perennial plant that grows to about 1m in height and can get quite bushy. In fact, one volunteered itself in my polytunnel a couple of years ago and did very well indeed and it still is!
It’s an attractive plant with mauve 5 petalled flowers and deep green shiny leaves. Used most commonly in the middle east in cooking.


Along with coping with any soil type it prefers full sun and will do best in terms of attractivness if it’s not in a slightly sheltered spot. Secondly, keep a watch out for rust and remove any infected parts.

How to grow

Sow from March to May in a seed tray and make sure the compost stays moist at all times. Prick out into seed modules of loamy compost mixed with course horticultural sand when large enough to handle and bring on until about 8cms high. Harden off and then plant out in situ. You can save the little round “cheeses” of seeds yourself.


Medicinally it has been used even recently in Iran to help people recover from covid. More generally and similarly to Marsh Mallow this plant can be used as an emollient in creams, a demulcent for lozenges and syrups which will assist internal surfaces particularly gastric, urinary and respiratory. In respiratory it is a known as an expectorant soothing tickly coughs.

Cultural history

The edible seeds are known in Jersey as “petit pains” meaning little breads. As well as this, the leaves are also edible but not as nice as Malva sylvestris on account of their hairy texture. It was known in the past as an animal feed.

Avg contents: 50 seeds.

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