Organic potato Oscar


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Early mincrop potato. White flesh and skin. Organic. High disease resistance.
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Organic potato Oscar. Solanum tuberosum.

Oscar is an early maincrop potato. Resistant to blight and Y virus. It has light yellow flesh colour and is a good all rounder for eating. Tubers are uniformly oval in shape.

How to grow:
Early Main crop. Sow on early April into drills and earth up as they grow. This variety likes irrigation.
Good grower, suitable for all soil types, Oscar’s a good cropper so plant with plenty of space between plants.
Potatoes love a rich fairly loose soil. Deep and well drained with plenty of organic matter. Grow potatoes in a different spot each year helps keep them healthy. Newly dug grassland can hold eel worm, so best to break new ground with something else. They dislike frost, so a warm sunny spot and keep the ground moist, preferably by watering from below.

Problem solving:
Good blight  and Y virus resistance in Oscar.

Favourite ways to eat them:
We havent tested Oscar just yet but we hear it is a good all rounder. More on this!

Cultural history:
A native of south America, cultivated as far as we know up to 10,000 years ago.

Weight: Approx. 12 – 20 tubers per kg.
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