Organic Sweet-Pea, Lathyrus odoratus.


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This Lathyrus odoratus has no record of hybridising with our native Lathyrus species, so it’s good to go in your garden. Perfect for training up the walls or to give a backdrop up some trellis.

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Organic Sweet-Pea, Lathyrus odoratus.

A non-native to Ireland annual flower, it won’t cross breed with our native Lathyrus species. An annual climbing species. Grow up a trellis or a garden wall to give beautifully scented flowers to a height of 6′ or 2m.

How to grow

Sow seeds in March in large modules and transplant out when around 8cms tall after hardening off. Or sow outside in situ in April, after frosts have passed, in a weed free seed bed. Sow at a depth of 5mm.

Problem solving

Likes full sun. Protect young seedlings and plants from slugs. Pick flowers regularly to extend the growing season, or leave on for a seed collection.

Favourite ways to USE them

For a beautiful display beneficial for pollinators of all kinds. NOT edible, while not poisonous they might give you a slight tummy upset.

Cultural history

A native to southern Italy and isles, the cultivar as we know it today was originally bred by Henry Eckford of Scotland. Thank you Henry.

Avg contents: 4g (~48 seeds).

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