Potato Duke of York


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First early potato. Creamy-white flesh, white skin, floury potato. A heritage variety from 1891. Perfect as your new spuds of the year.
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Potato Duke of York. Solanum tuberosum.

Duke of York is a long running heritage variety first described in 1891. With white skin and yellow flesh it’s oval in shape and a great all rounder to start your season. Dry and fluffy texture. This is one e grew for the veg box scheme all those years ago and it’s well worth having in the veg patch :).

How to grow:
First Early potato. Some people like to chit early potatoes, that’s when you put them in a windowsill in the light and let them start to bud, and  you then have to plant them carefully so as not to break the buds. Personally i’ve found just getting them into well worked soil that’s had a bit of sun and plenty of moisture works well. Some of my friends grow these in the polytunnel to get really early new spuds.

Problem solving:
It’s worst problems are slugs, which like Maris piper and also scab. It’s not too bad with the blight but you’ll need to keep a look out. If you see blighty leaves nip them out, if it’s gets back take away the stems altogether, the tubers will continue to grow a little if you leave them in place. Check to make sure the blight hasn’t got into them.
Potatoes love a rich fairly loose soil. Deep and well drained with plenty of organic matter. Grow potatoes in a different spot each year helps keep them healthy. Newly dug grassland can hold eel worm, so best to break new ground with something else. They dislike frost, so a warm sunny spot and keep the ground moist, preferably by watering from below.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Being a new potato this is superb just boiled or particularly steamed straight out of the ground. But DOY is a good all rounder so chip/fry/roast as you see fit!

Cultural history:
A native of south America, cultivated as far as we know up to 10,000 years ago.

Weight: Approx. 12 – 20 tubers per kg.
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