Organic Potato Vitanoire (BIM) Purple Magic


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First or second early potato. Brand new variety. It’s purple inside and out and stays that way after boiling.
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Organic Potato Vitanoire (BIM) Purple Magic. Solanum tuberosum.

Purple Magic is just a name i’ve (Debbie here) come up with. This is a brand new potato. With purple skin and flesh it’s long oval in shape, a waxy texture and uniform average potato sizes. It has strong blight resistance. I can vouch for the excellent taste and it looks amazing on the plate! What’s not to love. I’ll be growing these myself this year :).

How to grow:
Purple Magic is a first early potato. Some of my friends grow these in the polytunnel to get really early new spuds.
In general:
Sow earlies and second earlies from March to April for harvesting from June and at a spacing of 14″ apart and 24″ between rows.
Sow maincrop in mid to late April for harvesting from August and at a spacing of 18″ and 30″ between rows.

Problem solving:
Crop rotation is essential for all potatoes with a space of 5 years between plantings. Feed your potatoes. You can spray the foliage with organic liquid seaweed every couple of weeks, you’ll be amazed at the difference in tuber size. You can also use a garlic foliar spray before blight starts, this helps the plant fight viruses. Spray the underside as well. You’ll want to reapply both the above after rain.
If you do see blighty leaves nip them out, if it’s gets bad take off the stems altogether, the tubers will continue to grow on a little and earth them up if necessary.
Potatoes love a rich fairly loose soil. Deep and well drained with plenty of organic matter. Grow potatoes in a different spot each year helps keep them healthy. Newly dug grassland can hold eel worm, so best to break new ground with something else. They dislike frost, so a warm sunny spot and keep the ground moist, preferably by watering from below.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Being a new potato this is superb just boiled or particularly steamed straight out of the ground.

Cultural history:
A native of south America, cultivated as far as we know up to 10,000 years ago.

Weight: Approx. 16 – 20 tubers per kg.
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