Salix cinerea. Grey willow. Saileach.


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Grey willow tree in a 8/9 cm pot or larger in a 3 litre bag.
Collect from Kilclief.

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Common name: Grey willow. Common willow. Saileach.

Perennial, to 10m mature height. Original seeds collected from an old site near the Coyle river, Co. Down in 2019. Supplied in pots with soil so you can plant any time but early spring time is the best.

A good choice for native woodland. Fast growing with olive leaf shaped leaves that have silvery hairs on the underside. Can be coppiced for fuel. Supports over 250 insect species. The early pollen from the male trees provides all kinds of bees with brood food, essential for feeding the new generation of bees in early spring.

Grey willow is known as the common or riverside willow as it does well in very wet conditions. Loves the sunshine but will tolerate shade well. It’s palatable to livestock who might eat it into extinction until it’s bigger.

Planting guidelines:
Plant them in an area where grass won’t overwhelm them and keep livestock away. Tree guards can be useful until they’re established.

Cultural history:
Well known as the aspirin tree (white willow). Associated with dreams, intuition and emotions in folklore.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 25 cm
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8cm pots, 3 litre bags


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