Training Course Seed Conservation Techniques


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Seed Conservation Techniques

Seed Collection Training Course.
Learn seed collection techniques and how to conserve your seed so they’re viable for next years sowing.

Debbie has been making high quality scientific seed collections for True Harvest Seeds since 2014. Trained by Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank she has banked over 330 wild flower and tree seed collections in the True Harvest Seed Bank as well as the Millennium Seed Bank at Kew. She also has extensive experience in vegetable seed breeding.

Seeds are the basis of all life, yet we rely heavily on visiting the supermarket each spring. We intend this course will provide enough information to complete nature’s life-cycle and empower you to start your own seed journey!

The training day is delivered in two parts:
1. In the morning, we will stay inside and look at some of the theory surrounding seed collecting and conservation. This is very much an opportunity to ask your questions.
2. In the afternoon, after lunch, we’ll go outside and make an official high quality scientific seed collection that will be suitable for storage in True Harvest Seeds, seed bank. As an assistant collector your name will stay with the collection in the vault for its lifetime – which can be 100s of years! You’ll be contributing directly to native wild flora conservation on this island.


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