Viola arvensis. Field pansy. Lus Croí.


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Common name: Field pansy. Lus Croí.


This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J594448.
Annual. Small flowers, creamy yellow with a dash of purple, stems to 40cms. When room is available they can grow into attractive clumps 60cms round and 30cms tall with numerous flowers.

Seeds beneficial to finches. Larval plant food of the Dark green fritillary butterfly.

Open meadows, struggles being overshadowed until plant is large as described above.

Sowing guidelines:
Sow in spring into a seed tray, prick out when large enough to handle and plant out when big enough.

Cultural history:
Legends tell of the viola being a symbol of beauty, virginity or love. The flowers are delicious in salads.

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