Shipping policy

True Harvest Seeds grows wild flower seed of native Irish origin. Therefore we don’t ship wild flower seed off the island of Ireland. For health bio-security reasons we don’t ship seed that will be grown abroad to then come back to the island.
Vegetable seeds we sell can be sold throughout NI, ROI and EU.

We try our best to dispatch all orders within 3 working days on delivery method of your choice. We try to keep stocks of gardeners packs on the shelf at all times. Orders for commercial outlets are made to order.

Orders placed between 22 December and 2 January will be processed from 3 January onwards. It will take several days to catch up; please bear with us and we will get all orders dispatched as quickly as possible.

Unavoidable delays
Due to the nature of seeds and their production there are times of year when delays are unavoidable; generally November to January, but it does depend on the species. Some species ripen seeds late in the year or can require some dormancy period before germination testing can be undertaken and so over the winter we may hold an order while we wait for all seeds to be available. Please advise us if you need particular seeds urgently.
During the growing season we will send all seeds that are available, and any remaining packets to follow as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that parcels are sent at the customers risk. Insurance against loss or damage is available at additional cost – please ask for details if this is required. Royal mail include insurance for up to £20. We will retain proof of postage for you for one month in case you need to make a claim for non delivery. You will need to retain your invoice as proof of purchase. See Terms and Conditions for making arrangements for re-delivery.

Delivery costs (inc VAT):
We appreciate that paying a postal charge is something that’s become unpopular, but free postage is an illusion. Any company who sends via post must pay the delivery company. The cost has to be met somehow, and a slight increase in all product prices can give the impression of free postage.
So instead, we decided to add the postal charge upfront for two reasons, so, a) people who buy at the shop or online locally are only paying for products and b) people who order large amounts of seed, aren’t paying over the odds.
To ROI standard mail is our only option. Prices are dearer than to NI, we can only apologise for this. Once Royal Mail International prices start, over 2kgs, prices actually become more realistic.
To NI we can offer 1st or 2nd class options up to medium parcel size.
We charge a small subsidised amount for the parcelling, 10p per order on small orders, this is our way of sharing that cost with our customers.

We give FREE shipping on seed orders over £60/€60 as a thank you.
Unfortunately we can’t extend free postage to cover large volumes of potato or other heavy items. Please contact us directly for large orders like this. We’ll only charge you the delivery amount we’re charged.

We pack all our deliveries in cardboard boxes to protect your seeds. We use natural / biodegradable materials where possible. Only the small inner bags of the wild flower seeds are plastic. We are very aware that this is not ideal and are working towards better inner packaging.
The vegetable seeds are packaged in simple brown envelopes that we print ourselves, they have been specially sourced to hold the seed in without the need for extra packaging. Some seed does need extra and here we use glassine packets, both packets are compostable.