Iris pseudacorus. Yellow-flag iris. Feileastram.


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Wetland plant, perfect lake/pond/riverside plants. Perennial will spread slowly adding height and colour in a most beautiful way.

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Common name:  Yellow-flag iris. Feileastram.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J533463.
Rhizomatous perennial. Wide flat strap leaves sheath a flower stalk to 1.5m. Usually branched, each topped with bright yellow flowers 7-10cms across. Flowers give way to green pods which when brown and ripe split open to give beautiful glossy brown seeds.

A beautiful ornamental for your pond or wetland.

Wet meadows, drains, river, pond and lake sides.

Sowing guidelines:
Take the papery brown outer covering off the seeds before sowing to increase germination time. Sow early spring into pots, keep there until large enough to handle and plant out. Will tolerate long grass when it’s fully grown, it’ll be helped if you clear way summer growth in the winter time to let them come through easier in spring.

Cultural history:
Said to be the flower of the virgin Mary the iris has held a long and useful place in the history of people. The flowers are a symbol of beauty, the leaves used as bedding for people and dried feed for cattle and the rhizomes used to cure toothache, sore throats and the auge.

Avg contents: 30 seeds.

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