Organic Cucumber: Tanja


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Good sweet tasting fruits up to 35cms in length. Tolerates cool conditions well.

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Organic Cucumber: Tanja. Cucumis sativus.

This variety tolerates cool conditions, as far north as we in NI best to grow them under cover, then you’ll get more out of them with a longer season. Producing both female and male flowers, pick out the males if you don’t want to grow seeds.

How to grow:
Sow seeds in pots on heat in April/May. Grow on till there are three true leaves then plant out in the ground or grow bags, in the greenhouse/polytunnel. Best to put support in when planting out, stakes or growing tresles, so they can climb up. This variety is fairly hassle free. Harvest when 11 – 12″ long.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs off when young. Can get damping off so water away from the stem, a half buried, inverted plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, close to the root can be filled with water/feed keeping topsoil dry. Keep an eye out for aphids and red spider mite.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Our personal favourite is Turkish cacik, into thick yoghurt add grated cucumber and fresh mint, garnish with oil and salt.

Cultural history:
This creeping vine in the cucurbitaceae family originates from India, cultivated for 1,000’s of years.

Avg contents: 15 seeds.

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