Organic Lettuce: Baby Leaf. Black Seeded Simpson


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Tasty and attractive cut and come again type lettuce with a dense head of blistered, yellow green leaves.

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Organic Lettuce: Baby Leaf. Black Seeded Simpson. Lactuca sativa.

Black Seeded Simpson is a cut and come again type, suitable for baby leaf production. Yellow-green leaves that have a lovely crunchy blistered texture. This lettuce is particularly good to cut and come again. Harvest the whole lettuce and new leaves will grow from the centre. Eventually the plants will start to bolt and this is the time to re-sow.

How to grow:
Sow seeds into modules starting February through to July. Transplant out into well prepared beds after frost and when seedlings are large enough, about 5cms tall. Harvest from May up until first frosts. Sow successionally and harvest regularly. Keep well watered to prevent bolting, but once they start to bolt then you know it’s a good time to sow another batch. Lettuce prefers mid-range temperatures.

Problem solving:
Water from below. Increase transplanting distance to 30cms x 30cms to grow bigger plants with more mature leaves.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Perfect mixed with other leaves for a fresh healthy salad.

Cultural history:
Though the native range of lettuce extends from the Mediterranean to Siberia it is now grown worldwide.

Avg contents: 200 seeds.

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