Organic Pea: Kelvedon Wonder.


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Our most popular pea. Sow as an early/successional pea, high yielding and very tasty.

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Organic Pea: Kelvedon Wonder. Pisum sativum.

A traditional early pea, with some natural mildew resistance. Grows to about 50cms.

How to grow:
Sow seeds in situ at the base of supports, about 5cms between each and 5cms deep. Can start as soon as frosts are over successionally from April to June and harvest until August.

Problem solving:
For early crops, start them in pots, once they’ve sprouted plant out. Snails like them, put if you go out at dusk you can pick them off. There’s the pea moth, so covering with enviromesh or fleece in June/July can help, as can holding off sowing in July. Keep well watered in a dry spell, keep plants clean by picking out old leaves.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Raw and in the garden, or steamed and served with a drizzle of great oil and salt, or mint sauce.

Cultural history:
From the Mediterranean basin and the Near East it’s been dated back to Neolithic times and later in Egypt from 4,800BC, it had travelled to India by about 2,500BC.

Average contents:  200 seeds.

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