Dipsacus fullonum – Teasel. Leadán Úcaire.


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Teasel is a beautiful tall biennial plant. Attracts bumblebees onto its purple flowers and later on the birds just love the seeds. Little is known about its history in the textile industry.

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Common name: Dipsacus fullonum. Teasel. Leadán Úcaire.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J593490.
Hardy biennial. Flowering in second year in July, seeds in September. Up to 2.5m in height. Teasel leaves a tall architectural feature all winter. Also known as Fuller’s teasel.

Tall purple spiky stem producing several branches topped with multi-flowered heads grows from a rosette of deep green spiky leaves. Nectar loved by bumbles and the seeds a firm favourite of goldfinches.

A biennial it can withstand less nutrition over too much competition and you’ll see it spring up in waste/disturbed ground, like mullein.

Sowing guidelines:
Happy in seed trays in autumn or very early spring, under cover, germination from a few week to several months, can be erratic.

Cultural history:
Named teasel because it was used to tease out wool – to clean and separate out tats, making strands ready for spinning. Old seed heads are beautiful in the Christmas table centre piece and dried flower arrangements.

Avg contents: 60 seeds.

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