Garlic bulbs: Extra Early Wight bulbs


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Make sure to unwrap your garlic from our packaging and keep in a well ventilated, cool, shaded place until planting.
Our earliest garlic suitable for planting now.

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Garlic bulbs: Maddock Wight. Allium sativum Ophioscorodon.

NEW SEASON IN. Sending out now.
A hardneck variety. A large white variety. The earliest we stock. Plant September to December and harvest May to June. Expected bulb size 5-7 cms.
Of Chinese origin and developed in France.

How to grow

Plant garlic in full sunlight. Put the cloves into the soil root base down so the tip is still showing at ground level. Create the hole for the clove as pushing into the soil can damage the root base. Place about 15cms apart. Keep watered in dry weather and until about 3 weeks before harvest when you can start to let them dry out naturally. Harvest July/August.

Problem solving

Prefers full sun and don’t allow to dry out completely, they do well in a fertile soil. If you soak the bulbs in liquid organic seaweed feed first and plant carefully using a trowel to get them into the hole they take of faster and stronger.
Open package upon receiving it. Store in a cool, ariy place until you’re ready to plant, like a cool shed or  garage.

Favourite ways to eat them

Garlic, so good for your health. If you don’t like the smell of garlic on your breath eat a sprig of fresh parsley. Well known for its antiseptic properties. This variety has crisp white flesh which holds together well in cooking, making it good for garlic chips.

Cultural history

Garlic is one of our most ancient of crops, evidence suggests ancient civilisations around the mediterranean enjoyed it 5,000 years ago!
The name Madoc name has Celtic origins, farmed in Britain in Saxon times, from around 800 years ago, but also thought to have been grown in the Britain by the Romans.

Approx 6 – 10 cloves per bulb.

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