Glebionis segetum. Corn Marigold. Buíán.


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Annual corn-field flower. Grows like a chrysanthemum with beautiful two-tone yellow flowers. Self seeds well, suitable for field-like habitats.

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Common name: Glebionis segetum. Corn Marigold. Buíán.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J570378.
Annual. Cheerful yellow florets with yellow centres, to about 80cms tall. Once established will poke up through grass. Seeds itself very readily year on year.

This is a great plant for hoverflies. Will survive and thrive in your meadow.

Meadows and corn fields. Loves a sunny, open habitat. Self seeds readily year on year.

Sowing guidelines:
Sow early spring into a seed tray, prick out when large enough to handle and plant out when big enough. Or sow direct into a clean, weed free seed bed outside in April once frosts have passed.

Cultural history:
It may have come to Ireland with ancient agriculture.

Avg contents: 250 seeds.

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