Digitalis purpurea. Foxglove. Lus mór.


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Ahhhh the beautiful foxglove 🙂

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Common name:  Foxglove. Fairy thimbles. Lus mór.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J570493.
Biennial, sometimes behaves as an annual. Usually purple, occasionally white, long racemes of large bell flowers on spikes up to 1.5m tall. Basal rosette of large lush furry green leaves.

This is a great plant for bumblebees. You’ll quite often hear a bumble inside a flower buzzing like crazy. Studies are showing that the buzzing might stimulate the nectaries and as we know it also causes the stamen to shed lots of pollen onto their furry bodies. The bees use the pollen to make into patties within the hive which are fed to the young as a source of protein, but plenty of it goes on to pollinate other flowers that the bee visits.

Hedgerows and woodlands.

Sowing guidelines:

Surface sow these tiny seeds June/July/Aug in trays. Prick out into modules when large enough to handle. Harden off and plant out in Sept/Oct for flowering in following year in June/July.
Or surface sow September into seed trays and prick out gently into modules before winter. Overwinter in a cold frame or polytunnel. In spring plant them into place and you should get flower this year June/July/August, if not, one will come along next year.

Cultural history:
This plant is poisonous, however it does have medicinal properties, curing heart disease.

Avg contents: 200 seeds.

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