Organic Fennel: Selma


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Pretty white bulb suitable for outside cultivation. Loves the sun, has a beautiful aniseed scent and flavour.

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Organic Fennel: Selma. Foeniculum vulgare.

A Florence type of fennel. This one is fast growing maturing at 12 weeks.

How to grow:
You can sow seeds in pots inside in March/April and transplant carefully. Or sow direct May to July into a well prepared bed, rows about 45 cm apart with 25cms between plants. Sow successionally until July. They like well fertilised moist ground and don’t like to dry out at all. Harvest when bulbs are 8 – 10cms wide. Harvest June to October.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs and snails off and keep soil moist.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Grate raw into salads for a lovely anseed taste, stir fry chopped up or add to veggie stews. The leaves are lovely in salads and the seeds are tasty lightly roasted or used in sweet deserts.

Cultural history:
Florence type fennel has been cultivated from the wild flowering fennel for 1,000’s of years. Originally from the mediterranean it was used widely by the Egyptians and the Romans for food and medicine.

Avg contents:  150 seeds.

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