Organic Herb: Dragon’s Head


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Dragon’s head is a traditional tea making herb. It has a minty flavour with lemony undertones, delicious. It’s really pretty and good for pollinators too providing lots of nectar.

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Organic Herb: Dragon’s Head. Dracocephalum moldavica.

A hardy annual herb. Dragon’s head grows to around 30-40cms in height. It is traditionally used to make a herbal tea.

How to grow:
Start off under cover in March/April and plant out when large enough. You can direct sow into a nice bed outside from April/May, as ever it depends on the year we’re having. This is a plant which grows naturally from Iran to Russia so it grows in a wide range of conditions. As with most plants, a well drained, nutritious soil that never entirely dries out is perfect. Flowers July and August and you can save the seed for next year.

Problem solving:
Not really any problems, just as with any young plants keep slugs off. Not frost hardy.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Used as a fresh or dried herb in teas, as a garnish in soups, stews, salads and fish dishes. Its flowers and leaves can be pressed for oil. Can be dried for use in winter.

Cultural history:
Its oil is extracted in India to this day and used medicinally.

Avg contents: 125 seeds.

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