Organic Leaf Mustard: Purple Frills


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Deep purple frilly leaves. Fast growing. A traditional spicy addition to salads, or add to dishes as you would spinach.

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Organic Leaf Mustard: Purple Frills. Brassica juncea var.rugosa.

Purple Frills is a mustard variety with fine incised, dark purple leaves and a spicy taste.

How to grow:
Sow outside from May until August successionally. Sow inside from February to May and again once it cools down again in August until October for winter cropping. Keep well watered. Ready from 6 weeks after sowing. Winter hardy.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs off and keep well weeded. It’s a cooler weather plant so keep well watered.

Favourite ways to eat them:
A spicy addition to salads, the flowers are tasty too. Or cook in stir frys etc. in the same way you would add spinach. Can be eaten as baby leaf salad, or mature like spinach.

Cultural history:
Grown and eaten in from India to the Hymalias since 3000BC.

Avg contents:  350 seeds.

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