Organic Cabbage, Savoy. Bloemendaalse Gele.


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Easy to grow, hardy and long standing with a tasty delicate flavour. Attractive golden green leaves when mature.

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Organic Savoy cabbage: Bloemendaalse Gele. Brassica oleracea var. sabauda.

A savoy cabbage, autumn into winter maturing variety, greeny-yellow leaves maturing to golden-green. A good tasting cabbage. Rounded, sometimes slightly pointed heads and slightly curled blistered leaves. Frost hardy.

How to grow:
Outdoor production: Sow in March, thin seedlings in April and May into final position. Harvest September, October, November. Give them a well worked, fertile soil for best results.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs and pigeons off them especially when small. The cabbage butterflies will love them come August, so covering with enviromesh, or something like it will save you picking off many little caterpillars. These days, with butterfuly numbers down so much, i leave them one or two plants to feast upon, it just makes me happy to see them fluttering about.

Favourite ways to eat them:
My personal favourite and cooked like this; fry some onion and leek, add stock, water and diced cabbage, simmer until they’re the way you like them. Naturally crunchy and tender it doesn’t need long.

Cultural history:
Thought to originate from England and the Netherlands (Wikipedia).

Avg contents:  100 seeds.

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