Organic Lettuce: Batavian Laura.


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Blistered crispy crunchy light-green leaves deliver taste and crunch with every bite.

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ORGanic Lettuce: Batavian Laura. Lactuca sativa.

Green Batavian lettuce. Shiny light green blistered leaves in a loose head. Good taste. Rich in Vitamins A and K and a source of foliate and iron.
This is a variety is carefully maintained through conservation breeding. It is grown, selected and replicated for its positive characteristics to bring you the purest possible seed. Continual care in this way – ie. grown every year, ensures the plants you grow are adapted to the most recent changing climatic conditions. This means the seed you save from your plants are from a strong variety and up to date climatically.
This species has been awarded ‘old variety’ status by ProSpeciesRara. ProSpeciesRara are a not-for-profit Swiss organisation dedicated to the preservation of the genetic diversity of plants and animals.

How to grow:

Sow seeds successionally from March onwards until August. Lettuces like the cool. Plant out into well prepared beds after frosts have passed or under cover from April onwards. Keep well watered to prevent bolting. Lettuce does not like extreme heat nor frost. You can harvest individual leaves.

Growing for seed:

Sow plants for seed as early as possible, on heat in March in modules undercover.
This far north you’ll need to grow them undercover, polytunnel/greenhouse, etc., this gives you the length of dry days they need for the seed to ripen and not go mouldy, ventilation essential. Keep watered, at soil level.

Problem solving:

High resistance to bolting. Keep watered and feed well.

Favourite ways to eat them:

Perfect mixed with other leaves for a fresh healthy salad.

Cultural history:

The native range of lettuce extends from the Mediterranean to Siberia, now grown worldwide.

Avg contents: 0.25g (~200 seeds).

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