Organic Mizuna.


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Easy to grow spring vegetable. Great in salads or stews. Popularly grown as a micro green or used as a sprouting seed.

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Organic Mizuna. Brassica rapa.

This variety does well in cool conditions and is generally considered a spring vegetable. Producing both female and male flowers, pick out the males if you don’t want to grow seeds. It’s a Turnip plant, with the greens used as a fine Japanese cabbage leaf, it has light green leaves in a loose head. Slightly frost hardy.

How to grow:
Indoor sowing: Direct sow successionally in February and March for harvest in April and May.
Outdoor sowing: Direct sow successionally from beginning of March to end of August, for harvest beginning of April to end of October.
Make sure your seed bed is weed free and well dug with fertiliser added. Sow shallowly, with just a thin covering of fine soil.

Problem solving:
Yellowing leaves can be solved with good fertilisation, but they’re fine to eat.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Excellent in stews and seen more commonly raw in salads, with a delicate peppery flavour. Widely used as a micro green.

Cultural history:
Mizuna has been cultivated in Japan since ancient times. Mizuna was successfully grown in the International Space Station in 2019. Source – Wikipedia.

Packet size = 1.5g. Approx 500 seeds per gram.

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