Onion: Red Baron sets.


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Easy to grow and ready this autumn. Great flavour, attractive red rim on each slice, stores well September to April.

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Onion: Red Baron sets. Allium cepa.

A fantastic all rounder this onion grows well, stores from September to April and keeps its fine flavour throughout. Its attractive red rimmed flesh looks great in salads, a firm favourite here.

How to grow:
A mid to late maturing variety. In March after the worst of the frosts have passed, plant the bulbs, roots down, into the soil so the top shoulder of the bulb is still showing, about 6″ apart in rows about 12″ apart. Make the hole with a trowel or dibbler as pushing the bulb itself into the soil can damage the root area. Plant in full sun in a weed free bed.

Problem solving:
Birds love to pull the young bulbs out – looking for grubs underneath, so protect until established if this appears to be a problem. Plant in full sun. Keep watered in a drout.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Onions are so popular in Ireland these need no introduction. We love these, they’re such a great all rounder, perfect for cooking and for eating raw in salads. If you like the taste milder just soak in tepid water for a short time and this doesn’t affect the great crunchy texture.

Cultural history:
Red onions are a cultivar of yellow onions and are higher in flavinoides and fibre. The skin of the red onion has been used as a dye. It’s said if you cut an onion in half, it will soak up any germs in the room, especially good in the house of a sick person to keep the air clean, onions are known for their antiseptic properties.

Sold by weight, around 30 sets per 100g.

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