Organic Pea: Karina


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Early to mid season crop pea, plently of dark geen tasty pods.

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Organic Pea: Karina. Pisum sativum.

Prolific cropper, approx. 60 cm in height, plenty of dark green pods of wrinkly peas. Early to medium ripening.

How to grow:
Cultivate along a wire netting sowing on both sides of the net. Start in May/June in the ground, or earlier under protection in pots. Sow successionally for a long season.

Problem solving:
Mice love to eat them hence planting at 3-4cms deep. If you’ve a real problem start in pots until they’ve sprouted then plant out. Snails like them, put if you go out at dusk you can pick them off. There’s the pea moth, so covering with enviromesh or fleece in June/July can help, as can holding off sowing in July. There are few problems with diseases.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Raw and in the garden, or steamed and served with a drizzle of great oil and salt, or mint sauce.

Cultural history:
From the Mediterranean basin and the Near East it’s been dated back to Neolithic times and later in Egypt from 4,800BC, it had travelled to India by about 2,500BC. This is a wrinkled pea just like Gregor Mendel used in his pea trials back in the early 1800s.

Avg contents:  150 seeds.

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