Organic Radish: Sora.


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The traditional type of radish, firm crispy flesh in red round balls of refreshing crunch. Quick and easy to grow almost all year round.

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Organic Radish: Sora. Raphanus sativus.

Sora radishes are super tasty balls of crunchy red zingyness.

How to grow:
Good as an undercrop or catch crop as they grow quickly. Sow thinly direct from the start of March until the end of August for harvest in April right up to November. They germinate quickly and are ready in a few weeks so sow successionally. Keep watered as necessary.

Problem solving:
Because they grow fast they’re easy to grow.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Raw in salads, sliced or grated gives a lovely twang to your salad. Also great for garnish.

Cultural history:
Domesticated in Asia prior to Roman times.

Avg contents: 3.5g (~600 seeds).

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