Organic Rocket: Wild Rocket. Rucola.


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Super tasty and easy to grow rocket. Bright green tasty leaves, either cut young or leave to mature. Cropping from April to November.

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Organic Rocket: Wild Rocket. Arugola. Eruca sativa.

Attractive, tasty and easy to grow, highly lobed green rocket. Vigerous growing annual, crops from April to November and beyond under protection.

How to grow:
Sow seeds direct in March and April and also in September indoors in well prepared ground. Sow seeds successionally direct into seed beds outside from April to September. Harvest April to November until frosts start. Can pick young leaves when they have a milder taste or leave to mature and get more peppery.

Problem solving:
Just keep slugs off and flea beetle when longer established.

Favourite ways to eat them:
In salads they’re so tasty, make a fab combination with tomatoes and basil or in a salad with avocadoes and nuts.

Cultural history:
Native to the Mediterranean from Morocco to Portugal to Turkey. An annual brassica.

Avg contents: 1.4g (~1000 seeds).

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