Organic Turnip: Golden Ball


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Fast growing small turnip with yellow flesh. Easy to grow, a long sowing season from March to August for harvesting May to October.

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Organic Turnip: Golden ball. Brassica rapa, rapa.

A small turnip with yellow flesh and a great taste.
This species has been awarded ‘old variety’ status by ProSpeciesRara. ProSpeciesRara are a not-for-profit Swiss organisation dedicated to the preservation of the genetic diversity of plants and animals.

How to grow:
Sow seeds successionally from March to August in a well prepared seed bed in shallow drills about 35cms apart. Drop a few seeds together so they grow in an easy to harvest bunch. They’ll be ready to harvest from the size of a golf ball to maximum tennis ball size and are fairly fast growing, depending on the weather, taking about 2 months to mature.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs off when young. Keep well watered so they don’t bolt. Flea beetle can affect the leaves, but they’re not in for very long so it doesn’t matter much.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Turnip skin is thin, so you can roast them whole, or cut up and boil, lovely mashed up with salt and butter.

Cultural history:
Cultivated for centuries for their great taste and nutritional value.

Avg contents:  1g (~700 seeds).

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