Geum urbanum. Wood avens. Machall Coille.


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A woodland plant, small yellow flowers from rosettes of 3 lobed soft green leaves.

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Common name: Geum urbanum. Wood avens. Machall Coille.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J533463.
Hardy perennial to 70cms. Small yellow flowers giving way to globes of seed that readily attach themselves to the coats of passing animals and propagate themselves throughout your woodland. Attractive three-lobed leaves.

An under-story plant to brighten up your woodland. As a member of the Rose family this serves as a food plant of the Grizzled Skipper butterfly larvae.

Woodland and shady hedgerows. Tolerates dry conditions generally.

Sowing guidelines:
Sow late autumn or early spring preferably into a seed tray, grow on as plugs and plant out when large enough to handle.

Cultural history:
Roots can be used as a clove substitute. Leaves puff up and go crispy in the frying pan. Said to protect against and ward off evil spirits.

Avg contents: 100 seeds.

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