Organic Cabbage: Red Rodynda KS


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A summer cabbage for harvest September/October. Mild aromatic flavour ideal for raw eating. Good storage, also great eaten straight away for the fresh flavour.

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Organic Red cabbage: Red Rodynda KS. Brassica oleracea var. capitata.

A short stemmed, smooth leaved, round headed, red summer cabbage. These seeds are Demeter standard.

This is a variety is carefully maintained through conservation breeding. It is grown, selected and replicated for its positive characteristics to bring you the purest possible seed. Continual care in this way – ie. grown every year, ensures the plants you grow are adapted to the most recent changing climatic conditions. This means the seed you save from your plants are from a strong variety and up to date climatically.

How to grow:
Start in March and April in modules, transplant plant out when large enough in April/May, 45cms apart. Or sow outside in April/May. Mulch with well rotted farmyard manure or compost. Harvest when ready in September/October.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs and pigeons off them especially when small. The cabbage butterflies will love them come August, so covering with enviromesh, or something like it will save you picking off many little caterpillars.

Favourite ways to eat them:
A really great red cabbage for eating raw in salads and for pickling.

Cultural history:
As with all the brassicas they begin sometime in the Roman empire, becoming popular in Britain in the 16th century.

Avg contents:  80 seeds.

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