Organic Celery: Tall Utah.


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High yielding, juicy firm green stems, no earthing needed, some resistance to septoria.

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Organic Celery; Tall Utah. Apium graveolens.

High yielding, firm and juicy no need to earth up. Less susceptible to septoria than other blonde vars.

How to grow:
Surface sow in Feb/March on heat in seed trays, prick out as they get first true leaves into modules. Bring on until they’re big enough to go outside in May/June. Keep well watered.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs off and watch for carrot root fly.

Favourite ways to eat them:
The main ingredient in many stock cubes it’s great for adding flavour and bite to any soup or stew. Also delicious cut into raw sticks and dipped into peanut butter.

Cultural history:
Native to the Mediterranean, seeds have been carried about by humans since 4000BC where they have been found in Switzerland.

Avg contents:   300 seeds.

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