Organic Dwarf Lupin


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Fragrant flowers at up to 45cms tall. White, pink, lilac and purple colours. Non-native annual from the pea family. Great for bumblebees and look fabulous in your cottage garden bed.

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Organic Dwarf Lupin. Lupinus nanus.

An annual member of the pea family. Wonderfully fragrant flowers in white, pink, lilac and purple in a short plant to 40cms. Inedible. This batch of seed is marked as Demeter standard, no sub-species is specified. Great for bumblebees.

How to grow:
Sow direct into a well prepared seed bed in April May time at about a depth if 1cm.

Problem solving:
Does well in full sun. In poor soil it will grow less tall.

Ways to use them:
As a legume it fixes nitrogen into your soil, so can be used as a green manure, if you don’t want it to come back next year just dig it into the soil before it sets seed. If you do want to collect the seed keep an eye on the pods and collect when they start to go brown and slightly crispy. Toxic if ingested.

Cultural history:
Native to western north America, growing on steep slopes of disturbed ground.

Avg contents:  1.5g (~60 seeds).  Weight~ 40 seeds per gram.

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