Organic Herb Wild French Marigold


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Cheerful red and orange flowers provide nectar for butterfiles and bees and help deter pests and nematodes.
Avg contents: 120 seeds.

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Organic Herb Wild French Marigold. Tagetes patula.

This is a great plant for bees. It grows into a robust bushy plant with bright green leaves. Its single petaled flowers are red when they open turning orange. Helps to control pests and nematodes.

How to grow:
Sow seeds in pots in May on heat or under protection. Prick out when large enough to handle and transplant outside into well prepared weed free soil from June. Flowers from July to beginning of October.

Problem solving:
It really needs to be warm and in full sun and it won’t survive past the first frosts.

Ways to use them:
Apart from just being really pretty, marigold is often used as companion plants to the Solanum genus as its scent is said to deter pests and nematodes. It is useful around the garden for that reason.
Conversely, avoid planting it close to your legumes.

Cultural history:
Despite its name – brought about from breeding done with this species in France, the daisy genus Tagetes originates from Mexico and Guatamala. A national symbol in Ukraine and widely used throughout India and Thailand for festivals, the marigold has found its way into the hearts of people across the globe.

Avg contents: 120 seeds.

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