Organic Lavender


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Beautifully scented purple flowers, lavender is a hardy perennial that’s great for pollinators and cut flowers.

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Organic Lavender. Lavendula angustifolia.

A perennial, lavender is a bushy herb with a strong, recognizable smell. Much loved by bees and butterflies.

How to grow:
The seeds need cold nights to germinate, which can take a while. Start them indoors from Feb to May then bring them on outside in a bed or large pots. They start flowering from the second year onwards. Generally considered to be hardy, it prefers alkaline soil. Try to emulate growing conditions in the mediterranean, warm dryish soils in summer, cool and damp in winter. It does better in a gravelly soil that is free draining. Prune the plants in spring to prevent them from becoming too woody.

Problem solving:
Likes full sun.

Ways to use them:
The leaves can be used in tea. Essential oil can be extracted from the leaves and flowers.

Cultural history:
Native to the mediterranean, originally known as lavandula officinalis due to its medicinal properties.

Avg contents:  150 seeds.

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