Organic Pak Choi: Taisai


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A fast growing reliable leafy Brassica. Easy to grow a traditional tasty, nutritious addition to salads and stir frys.

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Organic Pak Choi. Taisai. Brassica rapa var. chinensis.

Taisai is a fast growing leaf vegetable from Eastern Asia. It has grey-green leaves in a loose rosette with broad white leaf stems with white veins.

How to grow:
You can sow seeds inside from March to August in situ although early planting encourages early bolting. Or outside mid May to mid August into a well prepared bed, rows about  30cms apart with 25cms between plants. Sow successionally. They like well fertilised moist ground, keep well watered. Harvest after about 8 weeks. Flowers are edible too.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs and snails off and keep soil moist. Keep well watered.

Favourite ways to eat them:
The leaves are lovely in salads for a tasty crunch or traditionally used in a stir fry.

Cultural history:
Pak Choi is the English name for Bok Choy. Bok choy evolved in China, where it has been cultivated since the 5th century AD.

Avg contents: 0.5g (~240 seeds).

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