Organic Snow Pea: Norli.


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This snow pea is delicious and nutritious, its smaller peas make for fast cooking or perfect raw in salads – if you can get them into the kitchen, great for the kids.

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Organic Snow Pea: Norli. Pisum sativum.

Organic Snow pea: Norli is an easy to grow smaller plant allowing it to grow without support. Reaching 60-80cms in height it has white flowers, good growing vigour and good cropping. Snow peas are very like sugar snap peas but are more tender and less sweet however they develop a sweeter taste at a later growth stage. They are harvested when the pods are flat and the peas inside tiny. This means they are faster to harvest time than traditional peas. They cook quick, the pods are crunchy, nutritious and delicious.

How to grow:
Sow under cover in February for transplanting out in March or sow direct successionally in March/April. Harvest through June and July. Protect seeds from mice and birds until they get growing.

Problem solving:
Mice love to eat them hence planting at 2-3cms deep. If you want, you can sow the peas in pots until they’ve sprouted then plant out. Snails like them, but if you go out at dusk you can pick snails and slugs off. Harvest regularly, they’re divine when eaten fresh.

Favourite ways to eat them:
Snow peas are a crunchy, delicious vegetable. They are delicious raw in salads or they take just minutes to cook. Try them sauteed lightly in butter or olive oil with shredded lemon zest, they make a delicious light tasting side dish.

Cultural history:
“Snow peas and snap peas belong to Macrocarpon Group, based on the variety Pisum sativum var. macrocarpum named in 1825. It was described as having very compressed non-leathery edible pods in the original publication.” Source Wikipedia.

Avg contents:  100 seeds.

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