Reseda luteola. Weld. Buí Mór.


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The long spikes of pale greeny yellow flowers are a magnet for bees of all kinds. A beautiful structural plant with glossy green leaves.

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Common name: Weld. Buí Mór.

This population originates from Co Down. Irish Grid reference: J574427.  Archaeophyte-denizen.
Biennial to short lived perenial, hardy. Tall structurally attractive green flower spike with deep green shiny leaves. 20” tall.

This is a plant for bees, of all kinds. Last summer our crop of weld was the go to plant for every bee in the vicinity. It was bouncing with Apis and Bombus alike.

Semi-shade/woodland and road verges as well as open meadows. It loved our field so much it flowered in its 3rd year as well.

Sowing guidelines:
Sow early spring into a seed tray, prick out when large enough to handle and plant out when big enough, does not like to stay long in cells.

Cultural history:
Weld or dyer’s rocket was used traditionally for the colour yellow going back to stone age times all across Europe. While it is considered to be an archyophyte in Ireland it is though it was most likely introduced by the Romans 2,000 years ago.
An archaeophyte is a plant associated with human activity that has existed in BI since before the year 1500 and it is uncertain whether it is native or introduced.
Denizen is an archaeophyte that can compete with established vegetation and behaves more or less like a native.

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